head2.2013I was born in Ohio, but grew up in small-town New Hampshire and migrated first to Keene, NH for college (KSC–thanks to state-funded scholarships), then to Oregon (The Oregon Extension), then to Ann Arbor (RC-UMich), then to Chicago (Greenpeace–and my first taste of urban life!), then to San Francisco/ Berkeley/ Oakland (UC Berkeley), then to small town Northern California (Humboldt State), then to Washington, DC (The Smithsonian) then to Las Vegas (UNLV), then to Cambridge (Harvard), before landing with a thud in Philadelphia (Temple). Along the way, I worked as a cab driver, a lumberjack, a bookstore clerk, an environmental activist, and a bike messenger. Those were the legal jobs, anyway. Today I make my living as a professor of sociology at Temple University. I like to read, write, and talk. People tell me I’m fairly good at all three, so it is a perfect job for me. I’ve got a wife and two kids, and a cat named Cody. I prefer the West Coast to the East Coast.

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Department of Sociology
751 Gladfelter Hall
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA 19122
mwray@temple.edu or