Here are some selected radio, print, and internet appearances dating back over the years.

>April 13, 2013
An informative blog post by singles expert Bella DePaulo, quoting from my co-authored article on the sociology of suicide.

>>November 6, 2012
A brief profile in the The Temple News by intrepid student reporter Nikki Plaksen.

>>April 13, 2012
Ashley Powers of the Los Angeles Times writes about suicide and suicide prevention in Las Vegas.

>>September 8, 2011
A Wall Street Journal blog entry by Christopher Shea on my research with Temple colleagues Joshua Klugman and Gretchen Condran about death classification and medico-legal systems in the US.

>>May 2, 2011
A podcast interview with Stephen Dubner of Freaknomics fame. Covers some of my work on suicide in Las Vegas.

>>January 1, 2009
The End of White America? Hua Hsu explores the question in The Atlantic Monthly.

>>December 10, 2008
An interview with science reporter Michelle Trudeau of NPR’s All Things Considered.

>>June 10, 2008
An opinion piece by noted Los Angeles Times columnist Gregory Rodriguez that draws on an interview and my book Not Quite White.

>>October 24, 2004
“A trailer park is no place for trash talk.” Reporter Cristina Rouvalis investigates the stigma surrounding “trailer trash.”

>>February 18, 1999
“Like Whites on Race.” I include this one because of the headline. Who writes these things? Jeff Howe‘s early take on whiteness studies in the Sonoma County Independent.

>>November 30, 1997
A New York Time Magazine article by Margaret Talbot profiling the rise of whiteness studies.

>>July 3, 1997
Salon’s Tim Duggan profiles scholarship in whiteness studies and the social & cultural conditions that have given rise to it.